Discover Who Needs It, Benefits, and How to Choose a Facility

Cardiac Rehab Guide

Your physician recommended cardiac rehab—now what? This comprehensive book answers every question you will have at each stage of your therapy:

Our eBook will help you understand:

  • Why was this program suggested for me? Find out the main reasons why cardiac rehab is needed.
  • What can I expect from an excellent program? Take a detailed look at the four phases of cardiac rehab, beginning with acute clinical care to post-rehab maintenance.
  • What about inpatient or outpatient intensive cardiac rehab facilities? Learn why this stage is key to recovery and why it’s important for your therapy to be customized, progressive, and supervised.
  • What are the benefits that I can look forward to gaining? Read about six proven health outcomes that a recovery program should provide.
  • What happens after the fact? Know the steps to take to live a long, healthy life after cardiac rehab.

Know where you are aiming to get where you are going. Download our free guide to take charge of your own recovery today.



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