Get the most from your occupational therapy to achieve the best results. Learn who can benefit from OT, what to expect, and how to select a provider.

The Benefits of Occupational Therapy: Your Complete Guide

Coping with the impact of long-term illness or sudden injury is a fact of life for many Americans. For these patients, occupational therapy can be key to reclaiming hope and enjoying the highest quality of life possible. Occupational therapists are trained to help you perform day-to-day self-care, regain cognitive functions and return to work.  

If you or your loved one is embarking on a long-term recovery, make sure you understand the benefits available through occupational therapy to get the best possible outcome for your treatment. 

A little bit of planning goes a long way. That’s because realizing your occupational goals starts with effectively engaging with your occupational therapy team. To be ready for occupational therapy, it helps to know what to expect from the process—including the kinds of goals and activities that are often included in therapy.  

From assisting with work conditioning to making environmental modifications, occupational therapists can dramatically improve the way you cope with your new circumstance. We created this guide to answer the most common questions about occupational therapy. For example:   

  • What is the difference between occupational and physical therapy (and why they are complementary)? 
  • What does a typical OT assessment involve? 
  • What kinds of conditions respond best to occupational therapy? 
  • How can you become actively involved in your treatment plan? 
  • What types of benefits can you expect from an OT program? 
  • How do you evaluate an occupational therapy program to make sure you get excellent care? 

There’s a lot to consider when it comes to beginning occupational therapy but simply getting started is a crucial step toward recovery. Equip yourself with the information you need to find the best solution for you—download our eBook today. 



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