Learn about the long-term effects of COVID, the role of therapy in treating specific symptoms, and what you should expect from a recovery program.

Managing Lingering Symptoms of COVID: A Guidebook to Recovery

When you’re dealing with COVID-19, you can—understandably—be anxious. Though we are still learning more about this virus daily, Rehab Select has been on the front lines fighting this pandemic for a long time now. We established a recovery program to care for COVID patients who are too sick to go home but can’t remain in the hospital.

During this time, we’ve learned a great deal about what an effective recovery program entails, including what kind of COVID long-hauler symptoms may be problematic and how to treat them best.

In this eBook, we share expert insights on what to expect and how to take back control of your life with a comprehensive therapy program. 

Here are some of the things you’ll learn:

  • The most common long-haul complications that can develop
  • Which therapies are best suited to address common symptoms 
  • How physical therapy can help with lung recovery 
  • What COVID brain fog can be like 
  • How to treat mental effects alongside the physical symptoms 
  • How monoclonal antibody infusions can help boost healing 
  • Four crucial components to look for in any recovery program 

Recovering from COVID is a complex process, which is often not linear or predictable. Understanding whatCOVID recovery entails allows you the confidence to make smarter decisions about your own path. Download our eBook to arm yourself with information today.



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