It's a concern we all have about seniors in our lives

RS_avoiding scams against seniors

The United States Congress estimates that Americans lose $40 billion on an annual basis due to unethical activities from fraudulent scammers. Fraudulent activities vary, but many scammers will pose as business reps or other professionals and try to trick victims into giving up valuable personal or financial information under the guise of a too-good-to-be true offer, a non-existent prize or vacation or mistaken belief that they are “in trouble” and need to quickly comply.  

With the advent of technology, these scammers have even more opportunities to capitalize on unsuspecting victims through web sites and email.  

Learn how to spot these scams, avoid them and protect yourself and your loved ones. 

The following eBook discusses: 

  • How con artists are a threat to everyone 
  • Common scams against seniors: Key signs, phrases and stories to be cautious of 
  • Signs of a fraud 
  • What you can do to fight a con artist 

Any individual approached with a deal or special offer should think carefully about what they are being presented with. 

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