RS_jointguide_lpBeing prepared is the first step in joint replacement surgery.

Before surgery can take place, your doctor will likely have you undergo a physical exam and several tests to rule out underlying infections or potential barriers to surgery. Surgery preparation also may require making some adjustments within your home in advance of surgery to ensure you will be most comfortable and that your physical and personal needs can be met following your joint replacement procedure.  

This guide will walk you through everything you need to know and do before your joint replacement surgery. 

  • What to Expect Before Surgery: What preparations will be needed for your surgery? 
  • Compensatory Strategies: How can you best compensate for changes that are likely to occur with your mobility?  
  • Precautions and Safety Concerns: What accommodations should you make to reduce your risk of injury? 
  • Rehabilitation Process: What should you expect to occur during your post-surgery recovery? 

After your joint replacement procedure, you will have to choose the setting in which to participate in rehabilitation. Understanding your options and the pros and cons of each can feel overwhelming while you are recovering. Therefore, it benefits the patient to make this decision before the surgery is performed. 

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