Kidney diseases affects the normal function of the kidney, which reduces its ability to process and filter blood.

Kidney Disorders and Common Types of Kidney Disease Care

The purpose of the kidney is to filter blood. The kidney removes unnecessary elements and water, flushing them into the bladder where they can be passed safely out of the body. Problems with the kidney can lead to grave health conditions for anyone, including seniors. It is very important that people at risk of any kidney ailment understand kidney disease, best practices for prevention and ways to deal with kidney disease care and management. 

This comprehensive ebook Covers: 

  • Understanding Kidney Function 
  • Definition of Kidney Disease 
  • Why Kidney Disease Happens 
  • Primary Risk Factors of Kidney Disease
  • How to Identify Kidney Disease 
  • Care and Proper Treatment: Slight Damage to Serious Damage 

Anyone dealing with kidney disease or who believes that they are at risk of contracting it will benefit from better understanding factors that affect kidney function and strategies for proper kidney disease prevention and care.  

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