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Long Term Rehab ebook

You or a loved one may need long term care for many reasons. Whether it’s to recover from an injury, manage an ongoing disability or address any other issue that requires around-the-clock support, long term care offers the opportunity to recover or better manage your condition. 

Long term care is a range of services provided for individuals who have become unable to take care of themselves.  Often long term care can be used for rehabilitation for a variety of conditions and may take several weeks or even months.   

If you’re overwhelmed with options and unsure about how long term care can help, our guide offers everything you might need to know. 

Our eBook will help you understand: 

  • Who needs and will benefit most from long term care 
  • Long term care services and options for everyone
  • The importance of therapy and rehabilitation as well as family and patient involvement 
  • The cost of long term care and how to know if you need long term care insurance 
  • How to compare and choose a long term care facility, including questions to ask 

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