Memory loss is a common problem that occurs when people move into the later years of their lives.

maintaining memory

Simple mistakes such as losing keys, forgetting names, mixing up two similar objects and not remembering if your door is locked are all examples of how memory loss can impact your daily life.  

Luckily, by improving your diet, staying active, making good lifestyle choices and getting plenty of rest, you can often ward off and reduce the negative effects of memory loss. 

In this eBook you will learn the following: 

  • What is memory, and why does memory worsen with age? 
  • How can exercising the brain improve memory function?  
  • What are some of the most effective memory exercises that you can incorporate into your day-to-day routine? 
  • How does diet impact memory? 
  • Which foods are best at boosting memory and promoting brain health? 
  • How can changes to lifestyle improve your memory? 

Although memory loss happens to everyone, you don’t need to merely accept it. With some effort and the proper resources, it is possible for many of us to minimize or delay the impact of memory loss on our quality of life.  

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