In the past, anyone recovering from surgery stayed in the hospital until it was determined that they were ready to return home.

What to expect from Post Surgical Rehab

Today, many seniors and others who undergo surgical procedures receive post surgical rehabilitation at specialized facilities. These facilities are designed to help patients get back to a normal level of health so that they can be comfortable when they return to their own home.  

Seniors and other people who are in need of post surgical rehabilitation care need to understand their options when it comes to different settings for this type of care as well as the methods for covering the costs that are associated with rehabilitation after your surgery in a hospital.   

This free comprehensive eBook covers: 

  • Which types of patients need post surgical rehab 
  • Types of services provided at rehab and where patients receive care after surgery 
  • The structure of a typical post surgical rehabilitation program 
  • Choosing and paying for your care 

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