Compelling Reasons Healthcare Providers Should Align NOW with the Bundled Payment Model


Many in healthcare are seeing benefits to bundled payment models, where different care providers who are treating a patient for the same or related conditions are paid an overall sum instead of being paid for each individual treatment, test, or procedure.  

Under these arrangements, payers often see savings, while providers and patients benefit from more coordinated care. Healthcare providers are rewarded for coordinating care, preventing complications and errors, and reducing unnecessary or duplicative tests and treatments. 

Learn how healthcare providers benefit from early participation in bundled payment arrangements and successful strategies for aligning with other participating providers: 

  • Benefits to participating in bundled payment sooner rather than later 
  • Impact on patients of bundled payment projects to date 
  • Ways payer incentives are changing and what it means for future payment designs 
  • Must-knows for successful implementation of a bundled payment arrangement 

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