Learning what health benefits are available to seniors can sometimes feel overwhelming. Many programs sound similar, even though they can be structured quite differently. 

Understanding Senior Health Benefits

When viewing the many options today, it's important to understand the benefits available, eligibility criteria and participation requirements.  

This eBook will help you navigate the senior health benefit landscape by discussing: 

  • Medicare - Parts A & B, Part D and Advantage 
  • Medicaid: A federal program administered at the state level for those in financial need  
  • MediGap Insurance: A plan designed to address costs that are not covered by Medicare Part A or Part B  
  • Long-term Care Insurance: Plans that address the cost of sudden and continuing healthcare expenses  

The best way for seniors to make the right decision about which plan is best for them is to arm themselves with information. To best understand programs available, you won’t want to miss this important resource.   

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